Bung Karno Seclusion House in Bengkulu

Bung Karno Seclusion House
Sukarno or who is familiarly called Bung Karno is the first president of Indonesia and Bung Karno Seclusion House refers to two houses Sukarno lived in during his time in exile.

On January 14, 1934, he exiled in Ende, Flores,  where he stayed from 1934 to 1938. After that, he exiled to Bengkulu until 1942.

This house is located in the middle of Bengkulu City, precisely on the Soekarno-Hatta Street, Anggut Atas, district of Gading Cempaka.

This place is so appealing for tourists because of full of Sukarno's inheritance during his deportation in Bengkulu from 1938 to 1942. Visitors can also see Bung Karno's house, his bicycle, cupboard, bed, books, and others types of equipment like an old well that is so refreshing and is believed to be able to make people ageless.

Visitors can visit this place with friends or family because this place is suitable for all ages.

This exile house is now a tourist attraction of the city of Bengkulu which is managed by the Provincial Cultural Office of Bengkulu.

In front of this place is given information about the tariff of retribution to enter Bung Karno's house. The information is clear for example for adults charged at 3 thousand rupiahs and for children charged at 2 thousand rupiahs per person.

While for people who want to use as a pre-wedding photo location is also charged a fee of 150 thousand rupiahs. If there is a clear clue like this, a sense of comfort for tourists also arises by itself.

Clean and well maintained. The two words represent the atmosphere when visitors enter Bung Karno's house. And if you want to visit Bung Karno's house, you can use any kind of transportation for examples a car, a motorcycle, and public transportation. Also, you can take pictures as many as you want in this place.

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