Wow! This is The Most Beautiful Beach in Bengkulu City, Indonesia

Panjang Beach
Bengkulu city is geographically located on the west coast of Sumatera island, occupying around 14.452 Ha area with height 10-50 m measured above the sea surface. With the position in 102 degrees east longitude and 3 degrees south latitude.

There are many beautiful destinations in Bengkulu, especially the beach. And people in Bengkulu know well that Panjang Beach is the most popular and the most beautiful beach in Bengkulu city.

Panjang Beach stretches for approximately 7 km (4.4 miles), located on the Indian Ocean, western coast of Bengkulu city, about 2 km from Suprapto shopping center. Panjang Beach has white sand and a beautiful landscape.

In Panjang Beach, you can find many things such as seaside cottages, nice hotels, shopping centers, street stalls and caf├ęs along the beach.

A good news is if you want to visit Panjang Beach, maybe with your friends or family you don't need to pay for entrance ticket because you can enjoy the view of Panjang Beach for free. You just need pay for parking your car or motorcycle.

So, how to get to this beautiful place?

It's easy. You can go by your car, motorcycle, or you can take public transportation from Jl. Suprapto or along its route to the beach center gate for Rp4 thousand rupiahs per one person.

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