Bukit Kaba, Favorite Destination for Climbers

Climbing a mountain is a fun activity because every inch of beauty presented by nature can be enjoyed from the top.

Among several mountains in Bengkulu, there is Mount Kaba which is a favorite destination for climbers.

This mountain is often also called Bukit Kaba, a mountain located in Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu.

Bukit Kaba is a tourist destination that is interesting to explore because it presents a beautiful and natural scenery with wild animals and plants.

The special thing about Bukit Kaba is about folklore that is passed down through generations and of course the beautiful view from the height of 1938 meters above sea level. Climbing Bukit Kaba will not be difficult because the road has been built in the form of a cement staircase. But to reach the top of Bukit Kaba, it still has to be pursued by struggle.

When starting the climb the climbers will be spoiled with a beautiful panorama of green scenery from vegetable gardens owned by local residents and when it starts to enter the forest area, the climbers will feel the coolness of the air and the chirping of birds singing melodiously.

To facilitate climbing, the management of Bukit Kaba or known as POKDARWIS provides facilities such as transportation, lodging, food facilities or catering for climbers who choose to camp on site, guides and much more.

So, don't hesitate to visit Bukit Kaba with friends and enjoy the natural beauty.

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