Have You Heard About Tapak Paderi Beach? This is One of The Wonderful Destinations in Bengkulu

The view of Tapak Paderi Beach from the top of Fort Marlborough
Indonesia has many destinations for tourism. For example in Bengkulu, one of the provinces in Indonesia that has many attractions.

In Bengkulu, there are a lot of wonderful places, one of them is Tapak Paderi Beach. The sunset on this beach is beautiful.

Tapak Paderi Beach is connected to Panjang Beach and Jakat Beach. Usually, people come and take pictures near the unique things around the beach like Pondok Sandal Jodoh.

This Beach is already well known among people in and outside the city of Bengkulu and now increasingly popular because there are many unique things there.

This is a beach that was the first deepwater port in Bengkulu and became the important sea transportation supporting by the British government in Bengkulu at that time, within 100 meters of Fort Marlborough.
in frame: Zelfri Wiradianto
In the area of Tapak Paderi Beach, there is Pondok Sandal Jodoh that made of piles of sandals. In this place, there are also various kinds of writing carved on wood that has been painted. Such as I Love You, I Love You Mom, Lestari Alamku Lestari Lestari Pantaiku, etc.

The visitors who come to this place usually take pictures near the writings, and the writings enshrined with them are small forms of heart content that they may wish to convey. This place is always crowded and loved by young people.

This beach can be reached only 10 minutes from the city center. The place is located at Jl. Bencoolen, Pondok Besi, Teluk Segara, Bengkulu City.

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