Letter to My Future Husband!

I don't know where you are now. Maybe you are busy with work. Maybe you are sleeping. And maybe you are in another country.

I am excited to meet you. Hope our first meet will be amazing.

You have to know that I will be very much hard to handle. I will have mood swings. I will even become extreme on everything. I hope you understand me.

Know that you should not leave me, and importantly us. Have the patience to tolerate me. Don't leave me. Don't leave us.

You are going to see how weak am going to be. Instead of scolding me, come slowly to me. Love me more.

I will surely screw up things. But it's your duty to handle it calmly and help me in solving.

I will never give up on you in any situation. I will be your best friend. So, be my bestie too and hear all my gossips and secrets.

We will surely have a sweet life ahead!
future wife.

source: the.modern.women

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