Red Lantern in Bengkulu, Popular Place to Take Pictures

Red Lantern
Red Lantern is a beacon tower that is painted in red and equipped with a lamp that emits red light with the aim of regulating the entry and exit of ships in the port.

People come to the location just for taking pictures of themselves or selfies and fishing.

There are several reasons that make the Red Lantern worthy and interesting to visit for people who like to take selfies in challenging places with a limited budget.

First, the cost is cheap, the second presents beauty with a variety of backgrounds, then the third requires a bit of challenging struggle because the road leads to sandy locations and many other sights, such as the pier pool with its ships, and the high seas, as well as the trees and the beautiful mountains.

To get to the red lantern, visitors enter through the road to Baai Island, and turn left towards the sea. Before reaching the intended location, visitors can witness the beauty of the harbor and sea cypress and other coastal trees.

If visitors are lucky, they can also meet wild birds and buffaloes released by the locals.

After arriving at the border, there is a manager as well as a motorcycle parking guard, to get to the Red Lantern. Visitors are allowed to donate as they please to the parking guard.

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