Seven Colors Lake, Unique Place to Visit in Bengkulu

Telaga Puteri Tujuh Warna or Seven Colors Lake is located in Air Dingin, Rimbo Pengadang, Bengkulu Province. The location is right on the border Rejang Lebong Regency and Lebong Regency.

The attractions lie on the natural phenomena where the water can change its color with seven colors. The location is in the protected forest which has the beautiful panorama.

Along the road to the location, we’ll be found many residents, verdant tropical, and hills which is the extend rows that can be seen from a distance.

These hot springs contain lake which and represent the seven colors of Blue, Red, White, Grey, Yellow, Brown and Black.

The huge lakes are those who are red, blue, white and grayish; all of those lakes have 50 M in diameter. While the rest of the lakes are in small size, which is black, yellow and brown.

When the visitors arrive in this area, the first lake that can be found in the blue one. This blue lake is a hot spring which has 10 M in diameter. For more 200 meters, we will find the red lake. After 500 meters long and down to the cliff, we will reach the gray lake.

For more 500 meters, the white lake will finally reach and this is the hugest one and it has the biggest hot spring flow of any other hot spring. The hot spring in the white lake can be sprayed for 3 meters high or even 6 meters high during summer.

The seven colors lake views will not disappoint. Especially the scenery around it is very calming. This distinctive and unique beauty makes every visitor comfortable with a cool atmosphere.

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