Six of South Bengkulu's Most Beautiful Beaches to Visit Now

Pasar Bawah Beach
There are a lot of beautiful beaches in Manna, South Bengkulu. To refresh your mind, you can visit the beach with your friends or family on the weekend.

These are six beautiful beaches in South Bengkulu.

1. Pasar Bawah Beach

Pasar Bawah Beach or Duayu Sekundang Beach located in Manna city, around 1 Km away from the city center, Pasar Bawah Beach offers beautiful views of the high sea. Some facilities are provided, such as a wide park, shelter, gate, meeting rooms, and cafes.

2. Ketaping Beach
It's around 3 Km away from Manna city. Ketaping Beach offers the beauty of the overlay of fields and coconut trees.

3. Mengkudum Pino Raya Beach

This beach located in Pino Raya, about 12 Km away from Manna city. This exotic beach is fancied by the fisherman.

4. Pino Guntung Beach

A beach with pebbles and marine reefs is the attraction. It's located in Pino Raya about 14 Km away from Manna city.

5. Muara Kedurang Beach
Muara Kedurang Beach is about 17 Km away from Manna city, having the natural beauty of the sea. The coastal area is decorated by attractive rocks.

6. Selali Pino Raya Beach

This beach offers tourists the panorama of natural beauty. It's 20 Km away from Manna city.

If you want to visit those beach, it's better to bring some snack from home. From Bengkulu city is about 3-4 hours used a car or motorcycle.

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