The Beauty of Rafflesia Arnoldii and Kibut Flower

Rafflesia Arnoldii and Kibut Flower
What do you think about flowers?
Is it beautiful right?
And what if you see big flowers in the world?
Wow, it's amazing.

As we know, a big flower in the world is Rafflesia Arnoldii. Rafflesia Arnoldii grows to a diameter of around one meter, but the greatest measurement from a reliable source is 105 centimeters.

You can find big flowers in Kepahiang Regency, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia. Good news is not just Rafflesia but also Kibut or Amorphophallus Titanum in Latin.

Kepahiang Regency is located on the ridge of South Bukit Barisan, having mild air, as well as some unique natural phenomena, like the waterfall, lake, spring hot water, tea plantation, spread out as if a green cooling tapestry, protected the forest for rare flowers; Rafflesia and Kibut.

The area of the protected forest in Kepahiang Regency constitutes the habitat for Rafflesia flower. This flower often flourishes in a place where the ecosystem is still fresh and untouched, like in Pagar Gunung village, Ujan Mas District, and Tebat Monok village, Kepahiang District.

Kibut or Amorphophallus Titanum is a rare flower typically from Bengkulu which has height 3 meters. Tourists can see the flourish from tuber form to be flowering and withered.

Rafflesia and Kibut have its own beauty that becomes the icon of Bengkulu Province. The Land of Rafflesia, it's another name for Bengkulu.

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