The Beauty of Tikus Island in Bengkulu

Tikus Island
Everyone certainly likes a beautiful stretch of sea view. Especially if you see the sea on a small island.

Can you imagine?
Standing on a small island in the middle of the ocean, it will be a great experience.

If you want to experience that, it is recommended to come or visit Tikus Island.
Tikus Island is located on the coastal waters of Bengkulu, Indonesia.

This Island is made of corals which have beautiful views of the sea as well as coral reefs that can be used for marine tourism activities, such as diving, fishing, and swimming.

Tikus island has an old lighthouse and a big yellow anchor, during the British Government in colonialism time used as a ship protector from big waves before anchoring on the port.

This island is clean and has beautiful natural sightseeing, especially the water, which is very clear and sparkling. The visitors may see some fishes swimming around the coral which surrounds this small island clearly. Moreover, the tourists can also go snorkeling and swim in the sea.

The existence of Tikus island is not that popular than Bali or Lombok, but everything in Bengkulu is having the potential value that worth to be visited.

Tikus Island has a natural atmosphere, it clean and soothing. You will feel as it's your private island, for it uninhabited and it still a virgin.

Getting there takes about 1 hour by fishing boat from Tapak Paderi Beach or 40 minutes by speedboat from the Pulau Baai Port.

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