The Most Popular Beach in Kaur, Bengkulu

There is no secret about the beauty of the beach. Everyone knows well that the beach can refresh our mind with its beauty and the blue sea.

In Kaur, Bengkulu, Indonesia there are the most popular beaches often visited by the visitor.

1. Way Hawang Beach
Way Hawang Beach is located in Way Hawang, Maje, about 15 Km away from Bintuhan city. The width of the Way Hawang Beach area is about 5 Ha, approximately 250 M away from the highway (causeway west Sumatran).

Way Hawang Beach attracts tourists with its white sand and clear water, not to mention the panorama of natural beauty. There is a boat tied up and turned into stone, called Jung Stone. The big waves are very tempting for surfing lovers.

2. Laguna Beach

The Laguna Beach is located in Merpas, Nasal, about 30 Km away from Bintuhan city. It is on the side of the causeway west Sumatran, on the first line from Lampung.

This beach has natural beauty combined with white sand and the shade of coastal vegetation that is still pure.

The uniqueness of this beach is that there is a kind of natural reef barrier forming a Laguna in which people can swim. The other marine activities that can be done are diving to enjoy the beauty of the underwater and fishing.

In this location, there is also another attraction called Red Water Pool. According to the story, the pool is very mysterious and the red color results from the blood. Therefore, the people name it with Red Water Pool.

Some facilities are provided in this beach, such as shelters, toilets, and art performance building. This beach is being developed to be one of the leading tourist destinations.

3. Linau Beach

This beach is located in Linau, Maje, about 12 Km away from Bintuhan city or 5 Km away from Way Hawang Beach.

Linau Beach has a bay with white sand and beautiful underwater. There are a dock and some fishermen’s boats used for fishing around the beach.

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