Nine Level Waterfall or Air Terjun Curug Sembilan

Bengkulu Province has many natural, historical, religious and culinary attractions. This tourist attraction is no less interesting with tourist attractions in Bandung, Yogyakarta or other big cities.

Nine Level Waterfall or Air Terjun Curug Sembilan, it is located in Padang Jaya, about 120 Km away from Bengkulu city. This waterfall is very unique and distinctive because the water flows on nine levels.

Each level has some other levels which give spectacular, natural views. Nine level waterfall is in the protected forest that is still pure and fresh to visit. Some various flora and fauna also can be found in the forest.

If you are lucky enough (sunny weather) is often presented a unique view of rainbow bias formed from water vapor that flows from the waterfall. This uniqueness makes Nine Level Waterfall as one of the mainstays of the tourism sector of North Bengkulu Regency.

The condition of track or trajectory to this tourist attraction categorized as extreme with the terrain to be passed quite heavy, through the hills and protected forests with bushy plants. It is recommended to prepare the physical condition well.

For those who have never visited this place is available to guide services that are ready to deliver visitors to the location of the waterfall.

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